What we value is "harmony and connection with nature"

More than 90% of Yinyang's products are made from natural materials, and more than 70% are dyed with plants.
I want to choose things that come from nature as much as possible when practicing yoga, which allows me to face and harmonize with my mind and body.I also want to feel comfortable in my daily life and connect with yoga and nature. A brand was born.

At the manufacturing site, our products are created through interactions with many craftsmen, including sewing factories, dye factories, printing factories, embroidery factories, fabric stores, hardware stores, etc.
We proceed with each work while valuing communication with the craftsmen, such as what kind of people are involved in the work, and what kind of place and method is used to make it.

Being ourselves, valuing balance with our own axis in our current location, and trying to harmonize with nature and our surroundings, being conscious of what we choose, and choosing to create the world, and being ourselves. I would like to experience with you the ability to express yourself through Yinyang's products.



As much as we consider comfort for the wearer, we also place importance on harmony with the earth and nature in which we live.
The materials we use for our products include organic cotton that does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, plant-based rayon, natural linen, and recycled materials.
Furthermore, for the plant-dyed products manufactured in Bali, Indonesia, we do business with reliable factories that take care to purify the water that flows after dyeing.
We have also eliminated the use of plastic bags when shipping products from our garment factories. We have also started using cassava-derived bags (the raw material for tapioca) when shipping to users.
We want to be a brand that is aware of changes in the environment and thinks about improving for the better, in order to coexist with the beautiful nature and live in harmony for many years to come.


hand to hand

We believe that it is important to know how the product arrived at hand, the process of making the product, the story behind the creator, and the warm connection that takes place until it reaches the person who wears it.

For example, when it comes to traditional Balinese dyed products, each piece is hand-dyed to the color we envision by a craftsman who has been in charge for many years. We maintain close communication and strive to create products with a sense of distance that allows us to get in touch with their lives and thoughts.

Additionally, in Japan, we place emphasis on fair trade transactions through trusted vendors. Sometimes we create products in collaboration with creators who work by hand on a small scale.

We mainly sell our products through our official online shop, but we also regularly open pop-up shops and yoga events to actively create opportunities to communicate with our users. The opinions we receive on the spot are very helpful for our future activities and plans.

Hand to Hand can also mean "hand to hand" and "hand in hand."

We value the process of transmitting warmth from hand to hand to the craftsmen, to us, and to the users.


a sustainable future

What can we do now when we imagine the world of the future?

In order to be sustainable, it is necessary to protect the existing natural environment, to have an appropriate payment system for producers, and to set appropriate prices for buyers, so that both the people involved and the environment are clean. I think it's important to have a balance.

We manufacture only high-quality products at reasonable prices and develop small-scale collections rather than mass production.
The first step towards the sustainable cycle we envision is for customers to learn about the manufacturing background, continue to use the products they have chosen based on empathy, and continue to use them for a long time.

I believe that by applying the delicate awareness of one's body and surroundings that can be gained through yoga practice, as well as the feeling of accepting each other and treating each other with love, to the creation of things, it will definitely lead to a better cycle. Masu.