Fair trade connects people's feelings

To complete a good product, it is not only the design that is important, but also the quality of the processes carried out at each factory. At Yinyang, we value our relationships with various factories, such as sewing factories, dyeing factories, printing factories, embroidery factories, fabric stores, and hardware stores, before a single piece of clothing is made.
We carefully carry out each task by communicating with the craftsmen and finding out who is involved and in what place and environment the item is made.

Our products are currently manufactured in factories in Indonesia, Japan, and China, respecting each other's culture, religion, lifestyle, and rhythm.
All negotiations with factories are conducted on the basis of fair trade, with the basic premise that by continuing to trade at fair prices, local people will be able to lead healthier and more prosperous lives both physically and mentally.
Through communication with the manufacturing site, we are able to learn how important it is to know the process by which a product is made in order to create a sustainable society.



70% of Yinyang products are manufactured in Bali, Indonesia.
We have been manufacturing in the same factory for a long time since 2012.

A local manufacturing staff member, working with several other local staff, is responsible for everything from fabric selection to vegetable dyeing, sewing, and inspection.

Since most of the factories are family-run, the person in charge gets to know all the family members in the factory. The person in charge and the manufacturer understand each other's rhythms and situations, and communicate closely to proceed carefully and reliably.


In Japan, we mainly produce yinyang's standard lineup, while cherishing our connections and ties with Kyoto, where we are based.

We feel that securing a stable domestic manufacturing route has the great advantage of ensuring stable shared connections and reducing the burden on transportation fuel. Another characteristic of Japan is that it has a large number of craftsmen.
The quality of the sewing is extremely high, preventing fraying and ensuring the fabric is sewn securely to make the most of its characteristics.


There are many apparel factories in China, and the factories that manufacture our products are located in Shandong Province and Jiangsu Province, and we place our orders with manufacturing factories that we have had long-standing relationships with trusted OEMs.

We actively create products using new materials, mainly natural fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton, as well as knitwear.