How to care for plant-dyed products

How to care for plant-dyed products

How to care for plant-dyed products

  1. The first few washes (approximately up to the third wash) are especially prone to fading, so turn them inside out and hand wash with water. After that, you can turn it inside out, put it in the net, select the hand wash course, and wash it in the washing machine. (Separate white and light colored ones.)
    Also, please dissolve the detergent (natural ingredients or neutral detergent) in water first and then put the clothes in. If the detergent gets directly on the fabric, it may cause discoloration.
    Please refrain from using bleach or fluorescent detergents as they may cause discoloration.
  2. Turn it inside out and dry it in the shade so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  3. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or under fluorescent lights, and store in a dark place such as a closet or chest of drawers to avoid moisture.

Please keep the above points in mind before purchasing.
Please use it for a long time while feeling the texture of vegetable dyeing that changes with time.

Storage method

  • It is sensitive to light, so store it in a dark place such as a dresser or closet.
  • In particular, if only one part of the cloth is exposed to light, the color will change only in that part and it will easily become uneven in color.
  • Keep away from moisture

to last longer

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water or wash with a small amount of neutral detergent dissolved in water for a longer life.
  • Dry cleaning may cause discoloration depending on chemicals.
  • Avoid soap as it is alkaline
  • We recommend washing dark colored products separately to avoid color transfer (please note that color transfer may occur if the product touches another cloth while wet).
  • Soaking and washing is not recommended
  • Please dry in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • When ironing, use a medium heat and iron from the back side.

Recommended detergent

  • Laundry Mag-chan
  • Neutral detergent with natural ingredients such as coconut detergent
  • Neutral detergent for stylish wear

Weaknesses of vegetable dye products

  • Direct sunlight, indoor fluorescent light, etc.
  • rubbing, friction
  • Spilled food (acid in fruit juice, etc.)
  • Detergent acid or alkali
  • Contact with metals such as iron while wet
  • Washing in iron-rich water
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