How to care for plant-dyed products

How to care for plant-dyed products

How to care for plant-dyed products

  1. Wash inside out
  2. Please wash gently by hand with water or lukewarm water for the first 3 times or so.
  3. If you use a washing machine, turn it inside out, place it in a laundry bag, and use the hand wash setting.
  4. Wash separately from whites and light colors
  5. To prevent fading, dry inside out in the shade and avoid direct sunlight.

About detergent

  • Use gentle, eco-friendly, natural cleaning agents
  • If detergent comes into direct contact with the fabric, it may cause discoloration.
  • Do not use bleach or fluorescent detergents as they may cause discoloration.

To make it last longer

  • Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or directly under fluorescent lights.
  • Dry cleaning may cause discoloration depending on the chemicals used.
  • Store away from moisture.
  • We recommend washing dark colored products separately to avoid color transfer (please note that color transfer may occur if the product comes into contact with other fabrics while wet).
  • Soaking is not recommended
  • If ironing, iron reverse side at medium temperature

Please keep the above points in mind when making your purchase. We hope you will enjoy using this product for a long time, feeling the changes in the texture of the plant-dyed fabric over time.