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Kayoko Yoshida

Yoga instructor, meditation instructor, philosopher,
OMYOGA textbook supervisor and certified instructor. Creator of Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation of Nothingness, and Meditation of Being.
YA Teaching Certification: RYT200.500
YA Certified Instructor Certification: E-RYT200.500.RPYT85, YACEP
Mother of one child (who attends a Steiner school)

Before I discovered meditation and yoga, I appeared active and cheerful, but I didn't know what I wanted to do or how I felt, and I had no confidence. I hid this and tried to fit in with the people around me, and I lost sight of myself again. I was caught in a negative cycle. In a few more years, I will have been practicing meditation and yoga for 20 years, and I have completely broken this negative cycle and have become much better at controlling my mind.

I have a small altar in my room, decorated with candles, crystals, statues of deities, photos of people I respect, etc. Whenever I close my eyes, whether I'm in the city or in the forest, my own sacred place appears.

When I wake up in the morning, I sit in front of it with a cup of hot herbal tea, quietly look into my heart (sometimes together with my daughter, who wakes up early), sense and organize what I need at that moment, and start my day.

Your accumulated yoga experience will guide you to what you need.
Intuition, faith, body, breathing, thoughts, etc.
By becoming aware of what is lacking or unnecessary within yourself, which changes from time to time, and doing yoga that is tailored to each individual as a way of resetting yourself, you will feel as if a light is shining in the direction you want to go, and you can walk without losing that light.

I know how wonderful it is to see and believe in the invisible heart, so I always return to that place even when I feel like giving up.

I believe it is because of my daily yoga practice that I am able to be an instructor, manager, and mother.

Now, in order to "spread the word about a life with yoga," which is what I feel and practice myself, I am creating and sharing what I can do every day with friends who share the same views.