Ambassador of China


Aya Kato

Translator Yoga Therapist Model Essentialist

"He started having a fever on December 28th. We were disappointed, but on December 30th we took him to a snowy mountain and he was completely cured. Mum and Dad really felt that the mountains were great after all."

This is a snapshot of my daily life when I was 0 years old, recorded by my beloved mother in my maternal and child health handbook.

Thanks to my family, I can go to the sea, the mountains, the rivers, the forests...

I grew up freely surrounded by the magnificent energy of nature.

That's why I longed for city life.

With that yearning in my heart, before I knew it, I had become a suit-wearing, clatter-cl ...

My arms and legs are flopping about and my head is spinning.

That's the kind of life I've lived my whole life.

In the midst of her hectic daily life, she discovered yoga as a tool to heal herself. After that, she pursued her dream and went to graduate school in Australia. While studying and working hard at her career, she devoted herself to yoga, experiencing how her mind became stronger and more flexible in proportion to her body, and she became fascinated with yoga.

I deepened my yoga practice, and little by little, I was able to live at my own pace and true to myself. But still, I was often swept up in the flow of the world and lost sight of myself and what was important to me.

When I realize this, I stop and go back to my center. I forget, realize it, and go back. This cycle repeats every day.

Now I live a life that values ​​harmony and comfort both in nature and in the city.

I love being barefoot and only wear high heels on special occasions.

I want to share the comfort I found with everyone, and to provide a safe space for those who experience the same anxieties as I do, so I teach Fuwari Yoga.

I want to help you appreciate the beauty of beautiful things wherever you are, and to help you shine freely as your true self.