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    Crystalpoint [ARA Ti candle]


    Sound Remedy - Water Dreams Hexagonal pillars of quartz, crystal point with an impressive pointed shape It is said that it will create an opportunity for you to go from...

    Sou [ARATi candle]

    ¥3,000 – ¥3,400

    “Diverse materials such as mud, sand, gravel, volcanic ash, and biological remains were deposited in layers due to different regional environmental factors. It is a work inspired by "stratum", which...

    Luna [ARA Ti candle]

    ¥2,640 – ¥5,060

    A work that focuses on “realism”. Not only the front side, but also the details of the craters on the far side of the moon, which cannot be seen from...

    gumi / rashiku[Yoga Music CD]


    rashiku – as you are gumi first met kirtan in 2004, 15 years later. Since then, he has continued to sing in detail, and since around 2014, he has combined...

    gumi / Adjust the autonomic nervous system [Yoga Music CD]


    Adjust the autonomic nervous system [Acoustic Healing Music] This work, which was produced with the main theme of "regulating the autonomic nervous system," does not use computer-generated electronic sounds in...

    Flamingo Blue / Sound Remedy [Yoga Music CD]


    Sound Remedy - Water Dreams ~ Music for Salon ~ Niceness music and Indeyherbs give you high-quality and delicate salon music. High-quality ambient sound that spreads out in nature. Penetrate,...

    Masumi & Hiro / Hikari [Yoga Music CD]


    Light -Inner light- Yogini Masumi Lacoste, who presides over the chakra work association, and singer-songwriter Hiroyuki Matsuhisa, a musician who plays Sattvicveena and guitar. Kirtan, woven by passionate and open-minded...

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