SANDRA FANG サンドラ・ファン
ヨガアライアンス E-RYT500






The Interconnected World

As I’m writing this, tensions escalate around the world over coronavirus. Schools are closed down, children are out of school, manufacturing operations are disrupted, daily necessities like tissue papers are sold out at supermarkets, country borders are closed, and people are advised not to shake hands or kiss for greetings.

The situation has illustrated how interconnected the world has become. How fluid we move from one place to another, how closely we are connected to one another, and how one thing started in one part of the world can affect everyone across the globe. We can no longer step back and think that, what’s happening in the world has nothing to do with me, or whatever I do will not affect the world. We are all part of it, and we are all interconnected.

The choices we make everyday can make a difference. What kind of food, clothes we choose to buy, what kind of words we choose to speak, what kind of attitude we choose to face our challenges, what kind of action we choose to do can create a ripple effect. The job we do everyday can seem so insignificant at times, but trust that if we choose to do it well, it can really make a difference.

In the time of crisis, it makes us ponder what is truly important? May we be conscious and make our everyday choices based on what’s truly valuable.


英語:Sandra Fang
日本語通訳:Eriko Matsumoto