SANDRA FANG サンドラ・ファン
ヨガアライアンス E-RYT500




Coming from a kinesiology major, anatomy is one of the important foundations of my yoga teaching.

Is it okay not to learn about anatomy as a yoga practitioner? Sure! But knowing a little bit more about anatomy, you will be more aware of what benefits each yoga pose brings. Just like the fact that we need food to survive. When we get hungry, we eat. But by spending some time learning about nutrition, it will bring a positive impact on our overall health in the long term. In the end, a bag of fries from a convenient store is very different from a nutritious homemade meal cooked with love by mom.




The more I learn about anatomy, the more I find how fascinating the human body works. By realizing that I start to appreciate my body more, I treasure every single sensation arising in my yoga practice. I no longer have the ego to force myself into shapes that are not healthy for my body. I feel more content, in the body and the skin that I’m in.

Knowing that everyone has different shapes of bones is really valuable. Poses that some people can do so easily might not come naturally to others. And how the poses feel in the body can be different from person to person. This fact frees ourselves from the need to compare with others. We can take that attention back to ourselves and develop self-love.




This photo was taken in my spine & core anatomy workshop last weekend. Workshops not only provide me the stage to share knowledge, but it is also a place where I feel so humbled to be able to learn from each participants’ unique body and their questions.

“Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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