SANDRA FANG サンドラ・ファン
ヨガアライアンス E-RYT500








During the new year holidays my family went on a short trip to Kanazawa and Shirakawago. I really miss snow in winter, we took it easy and just enjoyed the snow on the Japan sea coast.

The past two years have really taught everyone the importance of staying healthy. For my own health I’ve also made some lifestyle changes.

First of all, I try to get enough sleep. Before I used to put work before sleep. When there was a project that I needed to work on, I stayed up late. But eventually I found that it’s not worth it if I get sick more often and can’t focus on important work due to the lack of sleep. Now I try to get around 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. One thing that has really improved my quality of sleep is that I don’t bring my phone into my bedroom, that is really the game changer. After a well rested night, I feel great and ready to embrace my day with full attention.

Second, I’ve cut down my sugar intake. I consider my diet fairly balanced and healthy, but just one thing, I loved sweets. I felt uncomfortable if I didn't get a sweet snack everyday. But too much sugar not only increases the risk of diabetes, but also raises blood pressure, increases chronic inflammation, and speeds up cellular aging. I’ve tried to cut down my sugar intake for 6 months now. Only at special occasions like birthdays and parties, I let myself enjoy a few cookies and cakes. Most of the time, I try to keep my sweets to fruits only.

How about you? What habits are you changing to improve your own health?

During the COVID pandemic, I’ve heard many people who work from home are struggling with their health. Some people have put on weight due to the lack of physical exercise, some find their breath very shallow and short. As a yoga teacher, I feel strongly about my purpose to help people to improve their quality of breath, physical health, and mental clarity.

I wish you all a fulfilling year to come and hope to see you on the mat!

英語:Sandra Fang