SANDRA FANG サンドラ・ファン
ヨガアライアンス E-RYT500








Enjoy Staying Home

Dear all, how is your quarantine life?

As I’m writing this, Japan has declared a state of emergency for a month already. My work has dramatically slowed down and we are keeping kids home. To be honest, I’ve never felt that I have so much time in my hand since I turned adult. At the same time, because I have to take care of my son who can’t go to daycare, I feel like I have no time for myself at all.

I’m sure many of you are in the same situation. Sometimes it makes me think, “what is my definition of happiness?” Being able to feed myself 3 meals a day, to be able to have a place to live, is that the definition of happiness? I don’t even know the answer myself. To many people around the world who are fighting with COVID-19, or to people who are struggling with financial difficulty due to the lockdown, to be able to survive is their ultimate goal at the moment. I should feel very grateful that so far I don’t have such worries.

Everyday I try to find something interesting to do with my family. My two-year old boy is full of curiosity. We enjoy cooking, singing, dancing, and drawing at home. Two days ago was children’s day in Japan. We made a carp streamer together and hung it up the window.





I feel content with this new lifestyle, but at the same time, being unable to work, I also feel like a very important part of myself is being taken away. Luckily now we have taken our yoga classes online, this pandemic has really prompted a digital revolution. Through technology we are able to reconnect and practice yoga together online. It makes me realize that when I can use my talents to serve others, it gives me a tremendous sense of purpose and joy.

It’s really a matter of time until vaccines and treatments are out, and it all shall pass. What we can do right now is how to spend this time. Spend this time to read books and upgrade yourself with knowledge, spend this time to strengthen your bond with your family. Spend your time at home to keep yourself healthy. Maybe there’s no clear definition of what happiness is, but I can be sure that happiness is not just about chasing pleasures, but I think its deepest meaning is about how we come to embrace sadness, sorrow, and pain at the same time.

英語:Sandra Fang