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マシュー・リーバーマンは著書「Social : Wht our brains are weired to connect」において、人類は他との繋がりへの欲望を持って生まれたが故に、大きな脳を持っているのだ、と記しています

他の多くの動物は生まれてすぐに立ち上がったり動き回ることができます。 しかし人類の赤ちゃんは自由に動けるようになるまで1-2年かかります。赤ちゃんの頃から人類はとても他者に依存しています。これにより、私たちは社会的繋がりを失った際に痛みと落ち込みを感じ、繋がりがある際は幸せを感じます。





Every time I come to yinyang office/Tamisa Matsuiyamate Studio I can always feel the vibe of how happily the team works together.

This is really different from how many Japanese people work in this stressful modern society, long hours, repeating the same thing everyday, without knowing the purpose of their work, and eventually feeling like a working machine for the company.

There are less than 10 women working yinyang. For years of knowing them, they feel more like a family than just co-workers. The yinyang concepts of earth friendly and sustainability, is not just a title, it’s what the owner Yoko-san and her team truly believe in and that’s also the way how they live their lives.

Yesterday I supported yin yoga/Chinese medicine teacher Tanaka Shinobu sensei for her workshop here at Matsuiyamate studio. I was inspired by her passion for what she teaches.

It makes me think why some people really enjoy what they do and some don’t. Eventually in order to love what you do you need to find your passion. Money is important but it should never be the goal of our work, it is the by-product once you have found something that you truly love.

If you have not found it yet, keep searching.

Behind that passion, I see there’s always the desire to connect and to serve others. The yinyang team has the desire to connect with others through their way of living. Shinobu sensei has the desire to serve others through Chinese medicine and yin yoga. And I once asked my graphic designer husband why do you like what you do, he replied that he wanted to make people happy through his design.

In Matthew Lieberman’s book, Social: Why our brains are wired to connect, he says that human beings have large brains because we are born to have the desire to connect with others.

Many other animals can immediately stand up and move around after they are born. But babies have to go wait until 1-2 years of age to move freely. Since we were babies we were super dependent on other people. So when people lose social connection, we feel pain and depressed. When we are socially connected with others we feel happy.

That’s why humans enjoy helping others. When we help others, we satisfy our desire to connect with other people. Helping others seems like a selfless act, but it’s actually also very selfish, because it actually makes us happy.

Every single one of us is so unique that we have different experiences in life and we are born with different talents. The way we can work happily is really to find our talents, keep building on it, and use it to serve others.

It’s my aim to keep building my talents and interests on anatomy, philosophy and positive psychology, and to serve others through the practice of yoga.

I hope you have found yours too.

英語:Sandra Fang
日本語通訳:Eriko Matsumoto