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gumi / Adjust the autonomic nervous system [Yoga Music CD]


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Adjust the autonomic nervous system [Acoustic Healing Music]

This work, which was produced with the main theme of "regulating the autonomic nervous system," does not use computer-generated electronic sounds in order to maximize its effect. The whole story is composed of instrumental recordings.
The sympathetic nervous system, which is activated during the daytime or when we are active, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which is activated at night or when we are relaxing.
The autonomic nervous system, which regulates the internal environment of the body, requires a balance between these two conflicting nerves, but it is also a nerve that is difficult to control voluntarily.
And even at night, the city is bright with electric lights, working late into the night, staring at PCs and smartphones, and feeling stressed, modern people do not become parasympathetic even at night. is often overworked.
I want to rest, I want to relax, but somehow I can't.
In such a case, why not create a calm and relaxing time with this Acoustic Healing Music?

In this work, the soothing tone, melody, and tempo of the piano and Barnsley will enhance the parasympathetic nerves and enhance the calming and relaxing effect.
Even so, I get too sleepy. be lazy. In order not to be, it is a series of songs that are positive throughout the whole story and are useful for adjusting the sympathetic nerves.
Also, as a sub-concept, it can be used as BGM for yoga classes as it is, starting with improvisational music with a sense of sacredness and silence, gradually moving to a comfortable flow, and in the middle of the work, it fits the sequence with a lot of exercise. So, it leads to a slightly passionate melody.
In the second half, as the class cools down, the melody calms down, and an extremely quiet piano solo piece accompanies the resting pose.
It concludes with a positive and soothing song that makes you feel 'awakened'.
After a production period of two years, the long-awaited release of the work that two musicians worked on with their whole body.

We hope you will use it for your relaxation, yoga classes, salons, etc.

[Recorded songs (8 songs in total)]
1. Tsubasa wo Hiraite Spread Your Wings
2. The Sacred River
3. Tooku e Keep Walking On
4. Fresh Beginnings
5. If I Could Touch the Skies
6. Lullaby A Little Lullaby
7. Amidst Stillness
8. Ready to Bloom

all songs by
gumi : bansuri (composition and performance)
Risako: piano (composition and performance)

mixdown & mastering by : Keigo Tanaka
designed by: tomomi* *
produced by : gumi














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